Equip Yourself With Many Additional Abilities for Workforce

Feel hard to accept when applying for work? Recognize 2 things that become the basis of consideration of a company judging you, namely hard skills and Soft Skills. Hard Skills are often listed in your cover letters and on resumes, and usually will not be lost, aka always be your skill throughout your life. On the other hand, soft skills are subjective skills that are far more difficult to measure. Also known as "people skills" or "interpersonal skills". What are Hard Skills

and Soft Skills that can support you in applying for work? Some examples of soft skills include: communication, flexibility, leadership, motivation, patience, teamwork, and time management. Some examples of hard skills include: proficiency in a foreign language, degree o

r certificate, typing speed, machine operation, computer programming, and much more. Have you improved your soft skills and hard skills to prepare your competencies in the world of work?

Pelita Learning Hub comes with Skill Development and Professional Certification that is ready to help you to improve your competence in the world of work, as well as getting certifications that make you more confident in applying for a job. Curious what Skill Development do we provide?

Let's join the Pelita Learning Hub extended family now! Admission Pelita Learning Hub at 0813-8334-5651 or email at admission@pelitalearning.uph.edu. For more information, you can visit www.pelitalearning.uph.edu, and Facebook and Instagram social media: @PelitaLearningHub