Want to Enter Colleges in South Korea Without TOPICS?

Mid this year, PLH comes with a new program, the Korean Language Lab. The Korean Language course is intended specifically for students who are interested in continuing their studies to South Korea or merely increasing their language skills. This program is a collaboration between UPH and Hanyang University ERICA to improve the quality of education in both countries. South Korea is known as one of the four "Asian Tigers" economies, based on the rapid growth in the education, technology and tourism sectors.

Especially in education, the government is very concerned and supports the progress of its system in the broadest possible way for foreign students to study in South Korea. In 2019, according to South Korean Ministry of Education data the total number of foreign students reached 160,165 which experienced a

growth of 75% from 2015. Nowadays more and more students from various parts of the world (such as America, Europe and Asia) are trying to penetrate universities in South Korea.

Korean Language Lab is here to help Indonesian students enter prestigious universities in South Korea. By joining this program, students can get into college without taking the TOPIK (mandatory test) because it is equivalent to a certificate of graduation. The instructor is a native Korean and books and curriculum directly from Hanyang University. In addition, students get 200 hours of study per semester and other supporting facilities.