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Ceramic For Beginner: Hand Building 1

In this fun, short course in Ceramic for Beginner: Hand Building, participants will learn and explore the three hand-building techniques used in making ceramic products: Pinching, Coiling, and Slabbing. We will start from the very basic but essential knowledge and skills, such as using the right tools, learning the characteristics of natural clay, and preparing the clay, to ensure that you understand every step needed to start your own studio. Along the journey, we will be making cups, bowls, containers, etc.

At the end of the week, you are going to learn about how to find ideas for your own studio.  We will equip you with the right business tools for you to kickstart your ceramic studio by developing the skills that you have just acquired in the previous weeks.


All Prices Exclude Tax.

Ceramic For Beginner: Hand Building 1

    • Introduction to Ceramic Making

    • Pinching and Slabbing Clay

    • Coiling in Clay

    • PEM Diagram to Find Business Ideas Innovation Strategy

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