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Basic Culinary

This course is intended for those of you who want to learn the basic of culinary world, and it was start from Kitchen! Whether you are culinary worker or you just one who love to cooks, you need to know the basic knowledge and practices on how to deal with the kitchen. How to organize the kitchen, what is the function of kitchen, what is essential kitchen equipment, materials or utensils, and learn about cooking ingredients. This course will prepare you to become professional in serving the dishes. You will really enjoy this lesson because at each topics we try to present it simply in the form of video tutorials and fun interactive quizzes. 


So welcome and enjoy the learning experiences!


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Basic Culinary

    • Introduction to Commercial Kitchen, People and Features
    • Types of Cutting Method, Basic Stocks, Sauces & Dressings.
    • Cooking Method & Techniques
    • Plating Concept
    • Menu and Recipe Knowledge
    • Egg Dishes & Breakfast Menu
    • Western Food
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