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Exploration of Kurinuki Techniques

In this 4-week course, we will learn about the Kurinuki techniques in pottery, which is a traditional Japanese pottery art that requires a lot of carving and/or sculpting a single block of clay. We will start with the basic but essential knowledge and skills, from using the right tools to various carving techniques that will help you to create the form you want. Along the journey, we will be making sculptural but functional cups, containers, and teapots, that each will become truly one-of-a-kind.
Participants are expected to have a basic understanding or previous experience in ceramic making, especially the hand-building techniques (i.e clay wedging and kneading), to help start this course.


All Prices Exclude Tax.

Exploration of Kurinuki Techniques

    • Kurinuki Carving technique 1

    • Kurinuki Carving technique 2

    • Making planter with Kurinuki

    • Finishing planter

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