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Vocal Production in Home Recording Set-up

This course will discuss understanding the techniques for making vocal productions with home recording set-ups, so that participants can understand what tools are needed and how to use existing tools. The purpose of this material is to develop participants' insight, namely the general public, especially content creators on various existing platforms, to the world of sound design and to be able to understand the production method of audio processing, both music and broadcast in an easy way through video courses that will be created. Through this online learning method, participants can learn knowledge with detailed and structured learning modules.


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Vocal Production in Home Recording Set-up

  • Understand the tools needed in the vocal production process:

    • Software
    • Recording tools. (Microphone, audio interface, pop-filter, mic stand, and headphones)

    Understand how to use vocal production tools

    • Use of microphone, audio interface, pop-filter, mic stand, and headphones.

    Understand how to do vocal recording Mic position setting Polar pattern mic selection

    • Track settings
    • Overdubbing
    • Understand how to process vocal recording audio in a simple way · Editing audio vocals
    • Balancing Simple use of EQ and dynamics
    • Use of Pitch Correction
    • Creative FX applications (Reverb and delay)

    Understand how to finalize/export a vocal recording project for export publication.

    • Exporting audio files
    • Explain the flow of Exporting
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