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Sound Design for Youtube Content

This course will discuss practically and fundamentally about the audio editing process and an easy way to create Youtube content using Davinci Resolve 16 software and standard tools for editing production. It is hoped that through this course, participants can develop participants' insights, namely the general public, especially content creators on various existing platforms, to the world of sound design and can understand audio processing production methods, both music and broadcast in an easy way through video courses that will be created. Through this online learning method, participants can learn knowledge with detailed and structured learning modules.


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Sound Design for Youtube Content

  • This course will cover the following topics:

    • Using Davinci Resolve 16 software in Basic to perform the audio and video editing process.
    • Perform editing audio effects in a simple way.
    • Perform music editing for videos in a simple way.
    • Record voice-over.
    • Perform simple voice-over editing.
    • Perform audio balancing in a simple way.
    • Export video and audio from Davinci Resolve 16 software.
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