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Technology Procurement

Procurement skills will always be required to manage core categories, deliver value and support the competitiveness and agility of the company. Besides business transformation, companies are undergoing 'automation', 'digital transformation, 'claudication', etc. The hunger for new technologies is not only in IT - it's growth throughout the business. Non-IT end users have started accumulating and operating technology budgets and playing a pivotal role in the procurement process, if not taking it over. They then discover that their impressive negotiation skills are necessary, but not sufficient, because 99 percent of procurement's job is accomplished before or after negotiations. This course cover procurement, agile, project management process, and cloud deployment service.


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Technology Procurement

    • Next generation technology procurement
    • Four pilars of technology procurement
    • technology basics for procurement professionals
    • Relationship management in procurement
    • Procurement process
    • Practical advise on technology procurement
    • Procurement: agile, lean, and value delivery
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